What is KVPAC's "Student COMPANY"?

KVPAC's Student COMPANY is a prestigious group of young performers who utilize their talents for an exclusive selection of KVPAC's theatrical productions. Student COMPANY members are held to an elevated learning and performance standard to help propel their talents forward.  KVPAC's Student COMPANY is suggested for students who are seeking a future in the performing arts.

Acceptance into KVPAC's Student COMPANY is by audition or invitation only.

Exclusive Productions

KVPAC Student COMPANY members are eligible to participate in a reserved set of Theatre Performance classes at KVPAC. Enrollment into these performance classes are closed to non-COMPANY members.

Auditions for KVPAC's Student COMPANY

Auditions are held at KVPAC twice during the school year. Once for the Fall class semester and again for the spring.   

Upon arrival, actors sign in and provide a resume (email operations@kvpac.org to request a resume sample).  Actors will be called in, privately, to present the following :

  1. A prepared 1-2 minute monologue. For younger actors, a memorized poem may be substituted for the monologue, however characterization and dramatic delivery is strongly encouraged.
  2. A 16-32 measure cut of any song selection. (<-- usually this is 1 verse from the beginning or end of the song, or the song's chorus/bridge) The song may be presented a’cappella (without music) or accompanied by a CD/media-file of instrumental or karaoke music. Singing over a song with a vocal track is not accepted.

After the final round of auditions, the panel of directors will convene to review all candidates and make selections.

Every actor will receive notice from KVPAC regarding their audition within one week.