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Theatre / Theatre Outreach

Recommended for elementary students in Grades 3-5 (public and private schools)

Curriculum tailored to individual teacher’s needs (when applicable)


Accentuates creative writing as well as narratives and persuasive essays

TEKS based programs

Compliments ELA/R skills learned in the classroom

Theatre Outreach



What better way to sharpen language arts skills (listening, speaking and communication) than through the medium of theatre arts?



Kids will learn creative skills as well as leadership, team building, confidence, public speaking, movement, diction and poise ... and have fun while they do it.

In addition to complimenting composition and communication skills, students will see their writing come to life through the creative process.

The KVPAC Theatre Experience

Tour and Workshop (can accommodate UP TO 70 students, 2 hours - $350.00)
Students travel to KVPAC (Main Theatre) where a team of KVPAC professionals will lead small-group instruction and interactive workshops. Students will meet with a KVPAC Administrator to learn about the many jobs in theatre (from acting to directing, to costuming, lighting and beyond). One of our Choreographers will show them how to break down, teach, and learn a choreographed routine, and finally one of our actors will work with students to build their acting skills with improvisational games, vocal warm-ups and audition techniques. To conclude their visit, students will then present what they have learned to their peers.

The KVPAC Production Experience

Production and Performance (can accommodate UP TO 35 students, 90-120min - $400.00)
KVPAC will supply 1-3 instructors, props, costumes, and FUN to students in a small group setting. Students will be broken up into the following groups-playwrights, actors, directors, and designers. After randomly selecting prompts (person, place, situation, etc) students will break into groups to write, direct, act, and design a 3-5 minute skit. This will be repeated 4 times so that each student has an opportunity to try out each job.

The KVPAC Improv Experience

Improvisational Games and Discussion (can accommodate up to 35 students, 90 minutes - $350.00)
Centered around social issues relevant to 3rd-5th graders such as internet safety, stranger danger, bullying, peer pressure, etc students will be lead by 1-2 KVPAC instructors in role playing and improvisational games to work through different social or personal safety issues that they may face. Through the use of improvisational games and confidence boosting skits, students have an open dialogue with each other to resolve made-up conflicts and social difficulties which they can use in the real world.

The KVPAC Complete Experience

12 Week After-school Program (can accommodate up to 40 students, 120 minutes per week, $2000-$2500 per semester-at school campus)
Choose from our expanded Improv or Production Experience KVPAC instructors will meet with students once a week for two hours throughout the semester to create, produce, rehearse, design and perform the groups original work, culminating in an end of semester showcase for parents at your facility. 
"For many children, it is their first time to experience the magic of live professional theatre and they respond enthusiastically," says Lisa Connolly, KVPAC Public Relations Manager. "The benefits of this program will last long after the workshops conclude."
Early booking is encouraged because dates fill quickly. 

Contact Heather Villano, Program Director for details.

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