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Has KVPAC made an impact on your life? Send your testimonies to Lisa Connolly, Public Relations Manager. 


Dear Gregory,
It was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon at the NCL Star Chapter Mother/Daughter Tea. 
On behalf of the entire chapter and especially the Class of 2014 who sponsored the event, I would like to offer you a heartfelt THANK YOU! 
Mary Poppins, Bert and the Bird Lady were outstanding and added so much joy and excitement to our afternoon.  I heard nothing but rave reviews for their "performances".
Please convey our gratitude for the time and effort that went in to making our Mary Poppin's theme, "Practically Perfect In Every Way".
Karen Woodworth

Dear Amanda,
Thank you so very much.  We thoroughly enjoyed "Totally Red" ... it was awesome!  I've never been disappointed in any play in which Leann has participated.  My other granddaughter, Allison, had so much fun in the Art Class she took the same week that Leann was rehearsing for the play. Keep up the good work!
Thanks again,
Joan Littleton

Hi Lisa - we had a great time this past Saturday at the 2012 KVPAC Family Festival. Thank you for the opportunity to participate, we really enjoyed the event.
Samantha Smith
Texas Kickboxing

On behalf of The Katy Area Parents of Multiples (KAPOM), we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your donation towards our springfest Auction. We rely on donations and the generous support of our loval business community to operate along with giving us the ability to make charitable donations to our community in support of multiples. 
Our Springfest Auction was very successful; and will enable us tpo continue in  our efforts to support families in need. With your help we were able to raise over $8000. We truly appreciate your willingness to give from your business to support our efforts. We look forward to maintaining our connection with you for KAPOM's Springfest Auction in 2012.
Again, we thank you.
Have a wonderful summer and successful 2011. 
Roxanne Ellis
KAPOM Ways & Means Chair


We would like to thank you so much for making a contribution to our Annual Silent Auction. Because of your generosity we were able to raise over $7000 toward providing fun, educational and exciting equipment and supplies for our classrooms and for our children.
Thank you again and we hope you will consider us again next year. We are grateful for your participation.
Dorinda Pool
Little People’s School Director


Hi Kristen, 
Just a little note from the Long family: I hope you are well and not toooo busy!
I have attached a portion of Evan's letter to Santa for you. You must have been on his mind then because he wrote a very sweet request. This came, I am sure, as a direct result of the impact on him from the Empty Bowls program you did last year. He wrote it all on his own without telling us about it and then showed us his long list to Santa. To be fair, this altruistic request is nestled on his list among more materialistic visions, but sweet nonetheless. Ron and I thought you might like to see it.
[Seven bowls for pepole that don't have any money as well as food ...] 
Olivia and Evan are both really doing well in school and happy there. We placed them in a private school for gifted students and they are flourishing. 
I'll give you credit, you called it first! Olivia has become much more confident and is reading very well and loves learning. Evan is in his second year of piano (thanks to your recommendation) and is now taking classical guitar lessons. Olivia took group voice lessons this fall as she always loves singing opportunities and is continuing to amaze us with her creative storytelling. 
Thank you again for your early influence on our children. We hope you are doing well and that you and your family have a wonderful relaxing holiday season. 
Celina Long and family


Dear Mrs. Connolly,
Thank you for supporting our 2nd Annual Spring Carnival at Hubenak Elementary. Thank you for making a donation to the Hubenak PTO and silent auction, as well as, for sending Ms. Robin and Ms. Elizabeth. We truly appreciate your support!
Best Regards,
Hubenak Elementary PTO

I wanted to personally thank-you for your generous donation to our auction. But for also working with our winner to get the dates she wanted. I truly appreciate it. I look forward to future endeavors with you and KVPAC.  
Kim Crow
Little People's School Auction Chair

Thank you so much for allowing Connolly Dance Arts the opportunity to participate in the 2011 KVPAC ARTS for All! Family Festival at LaCenterra. We had an amazing time and really appreciated all that you did! We look forward to working with you all in the future.
Connolly Dance Arts

Thank you Traci!  It was so fun seeing Chicken Big!  We enjoyed your introduction with the entertaining commentary and the enthusiastic reading of the story.  You're a natural on stage!  The musical was funny and fast paced and held Audrey's attention.  It was perfect for her to see the sets,character's costumes, and the acting/pretending we had talked about before coming to the production.
Thanks for letting us know about Book's Alive!
Kristin Gehringer


Hi Kristin:
What a wonderful evening I had watching for the 7th time "OKLAHOMA". I was fascinated with how you were able to get so many actors on your stage and still make it flow! Great job!  The casting was great...Curly and Will did a super job. The heavy (I forget his name) was also great. Even the young "Peddler" didn't let his age get in the way of an excellent job. How do you do it? 
Lighting was very good....The dream act was exceptional. The black shadows were fascinating. Just wish that green light had been off, but maybe it was necessary for the actors to see by. The comments after the show tell it all ..."great"..."wish I was young again to play in it"..."super job"..."all believable characters".
The only miscues were very minor and quickly solved. Bet you will have similar points of the same minor type in the performances. All I can truthfully say is that is was OK! And coming from a sooner born and a sooner bred there is no higher praise. The snack bar was good.
The piano was too loud! The pianist was great, but she over powered the singers with volume. I was sitting on the extreme right seat (near the street) and had trouble hearing the singers every word. The people sitting near the piano were not able to hear a lot. Any hopes of getting head mikes and sound system?  
And I have to close with this....I attended the University of Oklahoma from 1946 until I finally graduated in 1951. My roommate was from a town of about 800 called (you guessed it) BUSHYHEAD! His mother was the postmaster for that area! George was a 1/16 Cherokee Indian ... had the square jaw and good looks that let him get all the girls easily while I had to work my tail off to just make friends with a couple. Oh, the good old days. Thank you very much for an emotionally filled evening and one I will never forget.
Phil Godshalk
ALL Administrative Liaison
Academy for Lifelong Learning

I just want to thank you both for the use of your facility for Family Day Out.  Without people like you, my program could not provide services for children with disabilities and their families.  I am excited about 2011 and all the fun we have planned.  You all are amazing and so giving.  The Family Day Out staff, families, and kids thank you for your kindness and generosity! Also, Patrick did a fabulous job, once again, on Saturday.
Erin Siaotong
Family Day Out and Respite Coordinator
United Cerebral Palsy

Many thanks to all involved in the delightful presentation of the female version of The Odd Coupke. I attended it with a group of friends, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ellen Chadick


The Katy Area Chamber of Commerce is delighted you included us in your Ribbon Cutting Celebration! We wish you much success!
Brenda, Kathie, Debbie, Ann
The Katy Area Chamber of Commerce


Thank you so much for donating a week of summer camp to our Roaring Twenties Auction. We appreciate your support of our efforts to raise money for the students of Faith West.
Cheryl Aunsen and the FWA Auction Committee


Dear Mrs. Connolly:
On behalf of Nottingham Country Elementary School PTA, we wish to acknowledge KVPAC for the week of summer camp that it donated to the Destination Knights Auction which was held on March 7, 2009.
Thank you for supporting Nottingham Country Elementary School PTA. This year marks 27 years of excellence in education at NCE. Your donation enabled us to raise over $35,000 allowing us to provide quality education and additional resources to our children. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Kristen Abel and Christine Cagle
Destination Knights Auction Chairs


Thank you so much for your support of the KatyISD Teachers of the Year. The Chamber Luncheon was great and I appreciate your generosity!
Crystal Atkins
Taylor High School

Thank you Katy Visual & Performing Arts Center (KVPAC) for hosting this weekend's Family Day Out for children with disabilities and their siblings! We couldn't have had more fun, if we had tried!
Kelly Neill Klein
United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Houston

I am so proud and honored to be a part of KVPAC.  [The 2010 Masquerade Mixer] Last night was unbelievable and wonderful, everyone had a wonderful time.  A lot of people were able to catch up with people they hadn't seen in a while. Again, I am so honored to serve KVPAC with all of you.
Sandy Faucett ,CEO
Katy Christian Ministries


I can't express enough how much Family Day Out  appreciates KVPAC and their hard work and creativity.  The children and staff had a great time on Saturday!  The children left with balloons, faces painted, bags, and just plain happy.  The staff and volunteers loved having a structured themed day planned by the KVPAC staff.  Patrick and Kristin, thank you for being patient with our kids and doing a great job at keeping them engaged.  Children with disabilities don't always get to have experiences like the ones provided by KVPAC.  Thank you so much! 
Erin Siaotong
Respite Coordinator/ Family Day Out Coordinator
United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Houston


I took my 5 year old daughter to see the show [The Little Mermaid] last night, and I was so completely surprised at how professional the show was. I was crying from laughing at the humorous parts. "Sebastian" and "Ursula" really stole the show, and I think I'll be singing "Under the Sea" for days. 
Thanks to KVPAC for inspiring children to perform with such grace and poise. Kudos to the whole production staff.
Holly Chervnsik

Dear Ms. Kristin, Mr. Patrick, Ms. Alicia and KVPAC staff,
I wanted to let you know what a fabulous festival you and your group put together today!! We thoroughly enjoyed it.  We spent almost 5 hours there and saw two plays, a show choir concert, went to fun parties for Princesses and Pirates and traveled through the booths which had some fun activities, even a story time about dragons at the Katy Bookstore. All in all a full and fun day. Congratulations! KVPAC really does contribute a significant amount to the community and makes a very positive and creative impact to all. I am proud to support your activities and events as much as I can and I feel it will shape our children in a very positive way.
I am sad about the loss of the Imagine That program at KVPAC at the end of March. I love that program for our kids and I know they love it too as they come home with the tallest tales, the best adventure stories and a good grasp of new knowledge, not to mention the famous "cheater words", or "did you know mommy that milk and water and fruit and vegetables are good for you", or "we traveled to China in our imagination today"... Thank you for the professional and creative educational program that you provided and the love and attention shown to my children.
Luckily, they will be able to complete the pre-K school year at KVPAC in an almost seamless way. However, the fact that two of their beloved teachers will be departing from their classroom will be a sad transition hurdle for them, I am sure. Both teachers connected so well with the kids, and my twins, Evan and Olivia talked about them very positively after every class. I know that any transition of this sort is not easy and full of internal discussions and difficult decisions, but from an outsider's perspective, an important part is to keep the kids' experience whole and as uninterrupted as possible, which I hope it will be.
Congratulations again for a Fabulous Festival!
Celina Long


Hi Lisa,
My family and I attended for the first time and we loved it! The kids came home with lots of crafts and freebies and we're already making plans to join you again next year! We love what you do and we're looking forward to being a part in the future.
Please share these well wishes with the rest of the group.
Monique Natividad and Family

I want you to know that in the 4 years that we've been doing this, our demo with you last year [at the KVPAC Family Festival at LaCenterra] still is the favorite of both the parents and the team members.  Your people are so easy to work with, the atmosphere at the event was positive, and the location is gorgeous.  I'm so glad you've continued it!
Mary Lee
Hwarang Tigers TaeKwonDo Demo Team

I would like to take a few moments to let the KVPAC staff and community supporters know just how they have impacted our family. Well, about six years ago I suddenly became a single mother of two small children and was forced to make some drastic changes that effected my career, finances, and child care options. Our budget was pretty bare bones and did not allow for any after school activities or summer camps. However, we attended a free yearly community event "Arts for All", sponsored by KVPAC and I learned they offered scholarships for all age groups and various types of activities! > That year both of my kids recieved scholarships and were able to participate in KVPAC Summer camp programs and they just loved every minute! My little girl was involved in a dramatic production and I was a little concerned when she brought home a slip of paper with some lines that she needed to memorize!!! She was just in the first grade and barely learning how to read! Plus, she was pretty shy about reading out loud! So you can just imagine how proud I was as she just stood up and dramatically recited her lines! She had such fun and just loved her student helpers and the teachers! As a parent I was really touched and appreciated how welcoming the staff was and the extra effort they took with the younger kids to make them feel secure enough to try new things. Being a part of that KVPAC drama production helped to boost my daughter's confidence in reading at school as well as sparking her interest of art! This year her art project "Tucans" was selected to represent her school in the Katy ISD current Education Support Complex display!!! KVPAC offers a wide and varied range of activities that appeal to different age groups. My son who is several years older and pretty much a budding professional "couch potato" was not so sure about going to ..."art camp"? However, he was shocked and thrilled to find the "Claymation" video camp that showed him how to make his own videos and cartoons! On the daily car ride home he just talked non-stop about what he had learned and the new friends he was making!! I was really impressed by the variety of subjects offed by the camp. There is truly something for all ages and every interest! Thank you KVPAC and supporters!! I really hope that everyone who is involved, or considering getting involved with KVPAC, realizes the huge positive impact they make on our kids and all of us as a community. 
Donna Pope

Dear Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center’s Encore Players,
Jill, on behalf of the Society for the Performing Arts, we would like to thank you all for your performance on October 25, 2009. SPA is grateful that you chose to participate with us for this purpose. It was such an exiting and enjoyable performance! We would also like to thank you for helping us out by letting people in the community know An Evening with Stephen Sondheim in advance. Without your help in this area, the performance would not have been as big as it was. Many SPA Patrons were made aware of the upcoming performance as a result of your presence at Jones Hall. Thanks again for your delightful performance. We certainly look forward to next time we are privileged to host you!
Uche Ilobi
Education Outreach Coordinator               
Nicole Pruitt
Education Director
(Society for the Performing Arts)

Last night Marissa and I saw Into the Woods and it was fabulous! Everyone did such an amazing job. It is so encouraging to know that we have so much talent right here in our own Katy, TX. Since I don’t have addresses for everyone, please pass this message on to them. Thank you all for a delightful night of live theater. And what a fine example for our young actors who are in the audience.
Anne and Marissa Mann 

Thank you all for your support and with your patience while the twins adapt to their new social environment. I am so blessed to know that there are such wonderful people caring for and educating my children.
With many thanks,
Nichole, Peter, Mackenzie and Madison Le

I would just like to thank you on behalf of the Mama Mia’s and the Katy Lil Patooties for supporting the Nicole Swanzy Family. Your donation helped to make the silent auction at Double Dave’s a huge success!
Thanks again,
Kristina Stewart

Dear Ms. Gardner,
Many thanks from us to you for your donations of the KVPAC gift certificate worth $290. Not only will some child benefit from a fabulous opportunity, but the Coventry House, which is a local charity working to ease the pain of “at risk” teens and help them reclaim their live, could not exist in this rough economic environment without community assistance. Your donation played a key role in the success of the auction. We raised over $4000, given directly to Coventry House.
Deanne Comingone
Benevolence Committee

Samantha Felten is having such a great time. She is so animated and happy after leaving your camp. Thank you for making her drama experience fun and positive.
Thanks again,
Aileen Felten

Dear Summer Staff,
Just a note of thanks for all your hard work this summer! My daughter, Caroline, attended "Off to See the Wizard" and "Drama Queen Fairy Tale Princess" these past two weeks. She loved every single minute of it! She been waiting and waiting to set her feet on that stage! My husband and I have enjoyed seeing the excitement and sparkle in her eye when she talks about camp. As I'm writing this she is upstairs re-enacting Sleeping Beauty, which we came to see yesterday! What a fabulous job those kids did!
I also want to thank Ms. Stephanie from Drama Queen for taking the time to call me when Caroline didn't have a costume for the show and was upset. I know you were very busy - I really appreciate you for taking the time to do that. Having her costume made a huge difference to her!
Thank you all for providing these awesome opportunities for our children! We are looking forward to the fall!
Kelly O'Brien

Regarding the annual KVPAC ARTS for ALL! Family Festival
Wonderful application and project. Arts for All truly is vital for all artists, community, and audience.
Business showcase/education/entertainment festival for families. Testimony from letter of support shows that event is of value to local arts businesses. Artistic quality is mix of professionals from TCA touring rosters and local school/business groups. Good letters of support from business collaborators, YMCA, and benefiting businesses. And all on a very modest budget! Program/production costs seem unbelievably low, but perhaps some of this is included in facility costs? Must be a lot of in-kind...good for them!
It is good to see that they use artists from the TCA Roster
Texas Commission on the Arts

I’d like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for such a wonderful interpretation of my book. Kvpac is truly a vital organization, a real beacon of artistic energy for a generation of children that needs inspiration it can get. Kristin, I loved meeting you all, and will never forget the hours spent in your theatre. Keep up the phenomenal work, you really make a difference.
Best to everyone,
Keith Graves
Author, The Three Nasty Gnarlies

Dear Kvpac officers and staff:
All of us from Artists @ Work owe your our deepest gratitude for your help and direction. You made it possible to grow and mature as a group, as well as providing guidance in becoming the incorporated Katy Area Artists.
Many thanks for all your help and guidance,
Artists @ Work president
Nell Bednary

I just wanted to complement Claudia and Jill further on their work on Midsummer. We were completely amazed at what they were able to teach these kids and at what an elaborate production it was. They held so many extra rehearsals and practices even though our tuition was never raised, and I believe that having this experience with a Shakespeare play was a high point in their education, whether they realize it or not. Sarah thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I wish everyone could learn and experience Shakespeare this way–on stage rather than from a script! I just wanted to thank you myself for letting them attempt this. 
Take care,
Anne Campbell

Thank you so much for being a part of the Katy Family YMCA's 2009 Healthy Kids Day! The event was a true success, despite the rain! We appreciate you taking the time to be a part of Healthy Kids Day for our community. We look forward to working with all of you in the future! Thanks again!
Jeni Morrison
Fitness Coordinator
Katy Family YMCA

We would like to thank you all for honoring Haley Saturday night. We had a great time and the play was awesome. Haley loves her plaque and the roses are so beautiful. Thank you all again so much for everything!
Sylvia Ewing

Your emails are always so colorful and beautiful they make me smile. I'm so sorry we are not going to be able to participate in your event this year; we just had so much to repair from the hurricane. I will try to come by and visit if I get the chance. Hopefully next year we will be able to participate.
I was wondering if you could please share your secrete on your advertising with me. I was wondering what on earth do you do to cover your events so well? You have such a large turn out every year.
Take care and good luck this weekend.
Yvonne / Special Pals

Dear Nate,
I just wanted to say thank you for your work with Felipe.
As you may know he is soooooo happy about the play… this has changed his life.
I am thankful and wanted to let you know how happy he is, and that he likes you so much.
Have a wonderful day!
Monica (Felipe’s mom)

Dear Cindi,
I just wanted to tell you thank you for the classes that my children
Lyrick and D'andre participated in. Lyrick thoroughly enjoyed
the theatre and performance part of it. D'andre also but he also said
he liked the art part. I was unable to go the last day as we went out
of town. They did speak about being excited about the performance.
Lyrick and D'andre both did mention they wished there was more theatre
parts. But I know they loved all aspects.
Thank you again,
Mary Catajan

Hi Cindi,
My son Sebastian really, really enjoyed everything he did there during this week.   I was very impressed.  He tends to be a little bit on the shy part and thought having him be a part of this would help him come out a little bit.  I want him to have a higher self esteem- to be more confident and to feel comfortable speaking in front of people.
I appreciate everything you guys have done.  I will have Sebastian write a thank you letter to Cinco Life.
I would like to have him come back for a class during the summer and my daughter Clarissa who is 5 yrs old.  I think they would both enjoy theatre and arts here at KVPAC.  I know my daughter would love to try some acting, as she is a little actress already herself.
Thanks again! 
Have a great weekend!
Laura Coria

Hi Cindi,
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for having Triniti at the Spring Break Camp! I really appreciate you thinking of her and giving her the opportunity for a week full of FUN!!!
I think her involvement with acting in "The Sloth" has given her the "acting bug"! She had so much fun learning her lines and it really boosted her self-confidence as a new reader to be able to read, memorize and deliver them in front of an audience! That was a really great idea!!
She raved on and on about the teenaged volunteers and how nice and fun they were! She just had such a good time!
I could go on and on about how much fun she had...But I am sure you're busy planning another great event for the kids! Again, thank you so much!
Donna Pope

Hi Cindi,
We had a great time at "Monster Piñata".  The craft was easy, mess-free and fun!  My girls, almost 4 and 8, were able to follow along and do it mostly by themselves.  I was the mom you spoke to about after school workshops and events on the weekend.  Our neighborhood (Spring Lake) loves the convenience of the Lake House; there are roughly 15 of us that talk several times a week and look for things to do as a group.  In fact, 4 were not able to go to Monster Piñata because it had already filled-up by the time they called. (That would have been 8 more children).  Weeknights during school might be tricky because of schedules, but weekends are always a hit (Saturdays more than Sundays).
I have pictures from Monster Piñata but was too lazy to download them and attach to this email.  They are cute though; so if you need a few please let me know.
Thanks again,
Elizabeth Swelland

To Whom It May Concern:
Recently, the Katy Visual Performing Arts Center’s Books Alive Program performed The Three Nasty Gnarlies on the stage at Morton Ranch Elementary. Literacy came to life as our students were captivated by the characters, lights, scenery, enthusiasm, music, movement, and the belief that “beauty is more than just skin deep.”
One month prior to the performance, the book arrived on campus and each class was able to read and discuss the story.
Morton Ranch Elementary is a Title 1 school and many of our children have never had the opportunity to experience a stage performance. The lights, costumes, and performers dazzled their eyes and brought out expressions on their faces that I will never forget.
The entire student body (ages 4-12) were entertained and educated by the 55 minute production. The performers were professional and well trained. I wish that we could have Books Alive once a month on our campus. I certainly look forward to bringing them back next year.
In addition to a performance of the book, our 5th grade students participated in a workshop that included Music, Theatre movement, and Art. The children were thoroughly engaged and the activities stretched their artistic capabilities. The objectives in each class supported the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills by drawing cross curricular connections between literature, social awareness, and artistic expression.
I highly recommend KVPAC’s Books Alive program for any school campus. It truly enriched our campus.
Best Regards,
Elizabeth K. Mace
Music Specialist
Morton Ranch Elementary

Dear Sir or Madam,
On behalf of Harris County Department of Education, I would like to thank you for your generous contribution. We have attached a coy of your donation receipt for your records.
Harris County Department of Education (HCDE), a highly successful educational resource in the Houston area that serves over 68,000 children, youth, parents, teachers and administrators, is a nonprofit tax-assisted organization dedicated to the equalization of educational opportunity and the advancement of public schools.
Generous donations like yours help Harris County Department of Education achieve our mission of “advancing excellence in partnership wit the educational community”. We are indeed grateful for your giving spirit.
If you would like to learn more about our programs please feel free to call Gayla Rawlinson, Director of Resource Development, at (713) 696-8293 or visit our website at
John E Sawyer, Ed.D.
County School Superintendent
Harris County Department of Education

Dear Ms. Miller,
Thank you for supporting the Ronald McDonald House of Houston by providing a wonderful musical for our residents on 1/12/2008. Because of your thoughtfulness and generosity, children were able to enjoy an afternoon of fun and for a short while forget about their illness.
Having a sick child is never easy, but with the help from Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center, we are able to create an environment of comfort and love to help families in their time of need.
All of us at the Ronald McDonald House remain grateful to you for the trust that you place in our unique mission.
Kathy M. Scalf
Family Activities Coordinator
Ronald McDonald House Houston

On behalf of Shriners Hospitals for Children – Houston and myself, I would like to extend to you our sincere appreciation of your donation of 18 picture books and a 45 minute musical.
The time and effort your organization showed to our children was greatly appreciated and the performance was wonderful. I am sure the children and parents enjoyed every moment. Thank you for thinking of our young patients and sharing this contribution and your time with us.
As required by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA), we must report the following disclosure: “Goods or Services were not given to the above donor in exchange for his or her contribution’:
Steven B. Reiter
Shriners Hospitals for Children Houston

To Whom It May concern:
Words can’t express what the generosity of the Katy Visual & Performing Arts Center in Katy, Texas has done for The Brookwood Community. Any event is always a treat to our citizens, but to be royally entertained with events that are equivalent to their social emotional level is a delight to see. KVPAC, Kristin Miller and all staff have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of The Brookwood Community.
Our citizens are beginning to anticipate the coming month because of the next event to be held at KVPAC and February’s Sweetheart Dance is no exception. With events such as this to anticipate, we have noticed that they are not a focused on themselves and their “difficulties” because they have something exciting to be thinking about.
To quote a few of our citizens about the dress rehearsals for Babes in Toyland and You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Gayle tells us, “It was wonderful and I loved them,” and Richard comments, “Those plays are a real treat.”
We all love to see our citizens happily anticipating an event and being entertained at that event, but to see lives changed because of it is truly a blessing.
Very truly yours,
Vivian Shudde
Executive Director 
The Brookwood Community

I want to thank you for your donation to our “Give Us Wings” Ice Cream Social/Silent Auction. It was a very successful evening. And we are very pleased with the out come of our very first fundraiser. The families that came enjoyed games, face painting, ice cream and the auction. We raised $2800 toward new playground equipment. Your donation helped make the evening a great success.
Again thank you so much for your support and donation.
Ingrid Crocker
Little Saints Preschool


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