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The PreK @ KVPAC is a developmentally appropriate play-based preschool, focusing on fine arts and academics.  Learning objectives seek a balanced approach. We emphasize academic performance, creative arts expression, along with social and physical development. Most importantly, we truly love and enjoy children. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of making their PreK experience unique and memorable.

PreK Programs:

  • The PreK@KVPAC, combined Academics and Arts
  • Weeky Half-day PreK Summer Classes

"I can't imagine anything that I would change about the program. My daughter is very happy and loves going to school. I have to force her to stay home when she's sick."

"We were overwhelmed by the number of Pre-Schools available in Katy when we were looking for our eldest son in 2010.  My son was just turning 3 and hadn't been away from me before.  I made an appointment to tour the Pre-School at KVPAC and was immediately struck by how warm, friendly, and enthusiastic the staff were.  I loved the fact that the curriculum was so exciting and different.  Academics mixed with Art, Theatre, and Music - it felt like a perfect combination to engage and teach young children.  I decided there and then that I wanted him to go there.  He began on his 3rd birthday and enjoyed 3 long and happy years at KVPAC.  We looked forward to the twice yearly end of performance show and gallery and it never failed to amaze.  He started Kindergarten this year and couldn't have been more prepared both socially and academically.  KVPAC brought out the hidden artist in him, which, I never knew was there!"

"It is a great preschool with small class size and caring teachers & administration. The program is heavily art & theater based providing children with the foundational skills for math, reading and writing at a developmentally appropriate level."

"My daughter has had an awesome year. It's been exactly what I hoped for her to experience at pre-k. She loves to attend, and sees school as a big fun adventure full of people who love her. It's been perfect. I love that this is her perspective as she enters kindergarten."
"My youngest son started KVPAC this fall, 2 days per week.  I feel like i'm leaving him with family when I drop him off in the morning!  He has loved the first few weeks and is already singing new songs that he's learned at school.  I can't wait for this years' show and am excited to see what talents these amazing teachers can bring out in him."

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