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Theatre / Memory Posters

Memory Posters

Memory Posters have become quite a tradition at KVPAC! 

These professionally-designed, laminated show posters display the cast list, a cast photo and special messages from our parents, grandparents and friends. Many of our actors love to exchange autographs with each other after the show and share the ads they receive. They are a lasting memento of your child's theatrical experience in a KVPAC production.

Memory Posters are sold for $15.00 each (sold at the theatre only) for all KVPAC theatre productions:

  • Open-Enrollment
  • Storybook (Special size: 8.5" x 11", Special price: $12 for Storybook only)
  • Homeschool
  • Summer Broadway Series Productions
  • Uncensored Theatre

Memory Poster ads are $5.00 each and must be purchased online in advance. At this time, we do not offer the ads for Storybook Production Posters.

For COMPANY Actors and Parents: Memory Posters will contain YOUR actor's COMPANY head shot with the purchase of a Memory Ad!

Posters are sold in limited quantity on a first-come, first-served basis in the theatre lobby shortly before, during and after each performance. 

Click here to purchase a $15.00 Memory Poster or $5.00 Memory Ad online.

Click here for questions regarding Memory Posters.

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