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Sunday Jun 11
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

It's a DOUBLE FEATURE of our One-Act Competition Shows!

Act I:  To Burn A Witch by James L. Bray

See the one-act play that our teens are taking to the TNT Youth Conference!  

Two girls wait in the bare cell room for the questioning to resume. Accused of witchcraft, they are terrified. The Salem community in which they live burns to death those convicted of being "Brides of Satan." Mary refuses to lie—even to save herself—but Ruth, desperately frightened, "confesses." The questioners then turn to Mary, but she cannot bring herself to swear to this lie. Since the two girls have always been so close, the questioners are dissatisfied with the conflicting stories. To save herself, Ruth feigns a seizure in which she deeply implicates her friend Mary. Only one hope remains for Mary now, and in a scene of dramatic power she makes her final choice.


Act II:  Answers by Tom Topor

KVPAC ENCORE Players have taken first place at State and Regionals with this one-act play, and are headed to NATIONALS soon!  

Having been detained for questioning, in a crime about which he claims to know nothing, a suspect is grilled by two persistent police officers.  They call him "Byron" (although he insists this is not his name) and their initially bantering attitude turns steadily more ominous as they attempt to force a confession.  Ultimately, in a scene of shattering intensity, they succeed — but disturbing questions linger. Have justice and truth indeed been served? Or has another hapless victim been sacrificed to society's inexorable need for retribution at any cost?


Tickets available NOW at

Adults: $18
Seniors (55+) / Students (under 18): $15

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